Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The bounty!

It's been too long since I have blogged but that's just how the month's of April and May roll. To much to do and not enough day light to do it in.

The garden has been feeding us different greens, broccoli & broccoli rabbe for over the last month. We have had lovely salads, wilted greens, and the guinea pigs have been feasting like queens. This is them with their cage top over some lettuce planted just for them. They get fresh air & a buffet, I get free fertilizer.

The chickens arrived 2 weeks ago tomorrow. They are so stinkin' cute! Everything I've read mentioned how quickly they grew but man, I never could have imagined! They noticeably change within just 6-8 hours!

We just finished naming them last night. We have Clucky & Lucy (Easter Eggers), Daphne & Rosie (Australorps), Coco & Penelope (Barnevelders). They are all trying to fly from water dish, to perch, to food dish. I will have to start putting the top on when we are not around just to make sure they stay safe. My daughter told me Al the cat has gotten in there with them to 'cuddle' a few times. She said all he does is sleep and they peck at him some. He's such a good old man.

The garden is coming along so nicely. Our potatoes plants are HUGE! Thank you sand. I'm expecting that to be a great crop! 13 tomatoes are in the ground, I've run out of room for the other 3 so they will go in pots. 9 kinds of peppers. We will have awesome hot pepper jam this fall if all goes as planned. The broccoli's are coming out as they are about finished and more peppers are going in their places. The peas are outgrowing their fence so I will have to extend that soon.

I have begun trading with a local restaurant Nosh. I take them my extra produce, and herbs and they give me trade credit for food and drinks. It's a beautiful thing!

Well here is a few more shots of garden, I can't think of much else I may be missing.