Tuesday, March 30, 2010

King and Queens of Mud

Today was a beautiful 78 degree day in Colorado. Can't beat these warm ups before the cold front. I'm just happy it worked out that they happened in my days off this week. Tomorrow is suppose to be just a nice, if not nicer. The kids finished a long day of gardening with a mud bath, they really had a blast and are exhausted.

We got a TON done today, even with 2 additional 'helping hands'. Amelia's dear friends Violet and Oliver spent the day with us and really where great kids. I spent the morning making tomato and pepper cages with my friend Suzanne from the spool of construction grid wire I found from behind my house. We made about 25 or so in about an hour and I still have enough wire to make about 15-20 more. Simply awesome!

I got an e-mail telling me the 10 raspberries, 25 strawberries and 2 blueberries will be arriving about April 2nd so I needed to get at least one of the three sites cleared today. I cleaned out the sod from the strawberry bed expansion and need to just bring in the compost and it's ready. I'm hoping about 2 buckets will do it tomorrow. We will get to the metal edging eventually.

The area next to the blackberry is where one of the two raspberry varieties will go and the other will be along the back fence where the sod still needs to be removed.

I hauled about 8 five gallon buckets of alpaca around and into the area that I am filling with cold crops. I turned it all in along the fence and at least got the peas in today. Tomorrow I will turn most of the rest of it and get the carrots, lettuce, cabbage, spinach, beets, broccoli and assorted greens in.

As you might have already guessed the pile of alpaca compost has not moved yet. Slowly making headway on that. sometimes playing in the mud is just funner. :)

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