Saturday, March 27, 2010

Come on weather...enough snow already!

It's been so cold and muddy outside I have gotten nothing done. Playing hookie from work on Thursday didn't work out like planned at all. I got no yard work done because it was so chilly and snowy out, but I did get almost all of my house cleaned. Amazing what you can get done when the little tornadoes are not following behind messing everything up again!

I guess this will give me the change to tell you a little more about the other things in my life that I hold dear. There are my two crazy kids, Amelia (4) and Noah (2).

My hubby works at Colorado College fixing things that the kids break, definite job security there, those kids are consistently breaking or plugging up something.

We have 3 dogs, Princess (10 yr old) Mini Schnauzer, Layla (2yr old) Border Collie/Blue Healer, and Charlie (12 wk old) Chocolate Lab/Aussie Mix.

Al is our old man cat, you've heard about him before.

We also have 3 female guinea pigs; Willow, Crystal and Dandelion...I bet you can't guess who 2 I named! And with the chickens coming the end of May we will have one crazy house, as if it's not already.

My hubby and I both have a very big soft spots for animals of all kinds which usually gets us into trouble ;) Especially since we both are suckers for older 'senior' pets.

I'm 27 and have been working in garden centers since I was 15. I have been at the garden center I work at now for about 9 years and love it very much. Working there is good for my soul. I get to spend most of my year outside, under blue Colorado skies helping people improve their small plot of this planet. I'm defiantly not the kind of person who could work in a building all day.

I enjoy reading, sleeping, gardening, hiking, camping, writing, bugs, birds, sharks and about anything else related to nature or growing things. I love kids and love the idea of having lots of them but realistically our family is complete with the two kids we have. Maybe in a few years we will have the little sister Amelia keeps telling us we will have. She's spooky sometimes with that stuff.

Til next time...



  1. It's so funny when someone puts "sleeping" in the what I like to do category. It's been my #1 fav for the past 7 years and the thing I get to do least(at least it feels that way). I cannot wait to see your garden get started!

    I'm doing my first sfq this year, the past 3 I have failed miserably at plain old container gardening. I'll be posting my plans soon if your interested!

  2. Thanks for commenting, and I too am glad another person put sleeping in there. I will love to track your garden progress too!