Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Me 1 : Sod 0

Veg garden is almost done. It's defiantly taken more time then I previously thought to remove the sod, but I am close. I got 3/6 rows removed today. They are 18" wide and 16'long, kicked my butt!

It was a beautiful 64 degree day with a light breeze. A great day to load up on the Vitamin D we've all been missing. Amelia had a dear friend over who helped keep my kiddos from boredom as well as be a big help in rock removal. It amazing what you can trick a 4 year old into helping with when you call it a 'game'!

Renting the sod cutter was wonderful in helping to expand the garden but I also felt compiled to double the size of the strawberry bed and cut along the back fence for the hopps we may or may not get planted this summer (my hubby brews beer). I just wanted to use up as much of the 2 hour min as possible! Famous last words....

Our resident senior citizen 'Big Al' was fulfilling his catly duties today in patrolling the compost for mice. Al came to us 2 weeks ago. He is 15 and in wonderful health, very sweet and loving and helpful too!

Tomorrow we pick up the alpaca compost at 11. Only $20 for a truck load! Killer price, thanks Dad for taking me in your truck!

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